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  •  Interesting isn't it, how those on the left alway (2+ / 0-)
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    thought Obama was more of a centrist. It was all the rhetoric on the right that branded him a left wing socialist. I am frustrated beyond beleif with those, like for example, David Gregory, who yesterday on MTP kept repeating, but he didn't have to do HCR, especially with the economy in the state it was in. I would like to say, he did have to do HCR, especially with the economy in the state it was in. When people are paying at least 30% of their income on Health Care, and Insurance companies are making record profits, denying coverage even after people paying their premiums. With a record number of bankruptcies, many cause by medical bills, more and more people unable to afford healthcare so they use the E.R. for their medical needs all at a tremendous cost to taxpayers, and causing states to go into debt, not to mention, the E.R. use only adds to the high premiums paid by those who already have health insurance. Mr. Gregory, this too is all about the economy, perhaps not your economy, because I am sure G.E. has a caddilac plan for you and your family, but for the rest of us who don't have the same. Going back to being Barack Obama is a good thing, the left might not be thrilled with it, but think about it, who else can do this job at this time, certianly not Alan Grayson.

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