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View Diary: Clarence Thomas offers "implausible" excuse for false disclosure reports spanning 13 years (223 comments)

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  •  That's a Defense? (3+ / 0-)
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    Every third grader knows how to read instructions on a standardized test and fill in the answer.  If Thomas went to law school, he can read.  And it appears that he went to law school.

    •  Yes, he did go to Law School (0+ / 0-)

      a very good one - Yale.

      I grew up in the New Haven area, and benefited greatly from being in the neighborhood. But I have become so disgusted with Yale for handing out degrees to Geo B*sh Jr & C Thomas.

      The Yale Corp would never retract these degrees, but they ought to. After a 2 yrs of B*sh's campaign rhetoric & election, I wrote the English Dept a "Shame On You" letter.

      It's time the Law School got the same treatment. Might direct it to Linda Greenhouse, late of the NYT and now returned to the area to teach at Yale Law. We were in the same High School atmosphere, and we learned how to fill out forms before we even hit college.  Maybe if I get mad enough, I'll send an e-letter to the Yale Daily News.  

      Right now the Law School is probably deciding the members of the incoming class.  Tell their admissions committee to make sure people know how to fill out a simple IRS form and to tell the truth.
      And I'd still like to know if they paid taxes on this.  

      Due to the IRS we'll probably never know, but I do hope someone starts an inquirey, which they have to follow up on.  Good for Common Cause!

      If the IRS was paid, it certainly shows they knew the funds were coming in.  Probably Ginny's liquor cabinet was kept well stocked with $100,000+ a yr.  

      Are the Supremes exempt from public release of their tax forms?    

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