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View Diary: Illinois Supreme Court puts Rahm Emanuel back on ballot (371 comments)

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  •  they don't lose residency (0+ / 0-)

    but just their newly defined "reside in" status which apparently is considered by some to mean something different.

    The can of worms is just too big for the 2/3 ruling to stand. It points to a rewrite to clarify the statute at some point in future.

    This is striking me as similar to Joe Miller's complaint that the letter of the law was not being followed if a write in for Lisa Merkowsky was counted as a vote for Lisa Murkowski because the law said the name must be as it appears on the official candidate roll. But the DoE, who let's agree were trying to help Lisa out, and the State Supreme's argued that that standard was not in the best interest of the voters and suggested that the statute needed to be rewritten to be more specific.

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