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View Diary: Gay facts and fantasies in Propagannon research (340 comments)

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  •  When I was going over the summary (4.00)
    of the 2001 CPAC, I was struck by their apparent belief that the rights in the Constitution are linked to property and therefor ownership.  In other words, the right to bear arms means that the arms have a right to be borne and the right to free speech adheres to the speech, not the speaker.
    This conviction is best expressed by their commitment to "life, liberty and property."  Having property is what makes people free and, conversely, no doubt, people who have no property are nothing.
    If the worth of a man is defined by what he owns, then a man without property is worthless and to be despised--a condition that is probably consistent with how homosexuals come to see themselves as they interact with a homophobic world.
    Now, while they no doubt realize that to the extent their homosexuality makes them feel despised they have no option, the message that ALL MEN are inherently despicable and unworthy but can acquire honor by accumulating property must be welcome to them.
    Being born again seems to mean that you get rid of your old self and demonstrate your worth by acquiring things.  Wealth is important because it demonstrates your worth and it sets you free from the unworthy condition into which you were born.
    I guess what I am suggesting is that the sin of homosexuality is just one of many that can be wiped out by becoming wealthy.

    Granting homosexuals equal rights is immoral because the whole concept of individual human rights is considered to be anti-social.  The moral thing is for individuals to try to redeem themselves from their wickedness by striving to acquire good things.  If the things one owns (property) are unimportant, then the whole world view of these people is undermined.  How are they going to redeem themselves?

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