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View Diary: Gay facts and fantasies in Propagannon research (340 comments)

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    Fairbrother's email address given on his site is something like  

    Does anyone know if there is a way to find all the people who have "" addresses?

    The way they're scurry-ing and distancing themselves from each other, these people's e-mail addresses might be good to have, for future reference, especially if they are all in the person's actual name format, as is Fairbrother's.

    And what a network of gay guys this is shaping up to be... Some hypocrits, fighting against gays loving and committing to each other, but supporting raw, rank stealthy sex for sex's sake.  Some "values".  I wish the honest gay community would start coming up with some dirt on these sleazy damned hypocrits.

    GOPUSA seems to be a veritable squirming nest of them...

    But these crooks have gotten away with everything ELSE so far.  Will their mouth-breathing constituency let them get away with having a network of gay propaganda-meisters?  Hmmph.

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