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View Diary: Gay facts and fantasies in Propagannon research (340 comments)

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  •  It's like a bad game of Clue (none)
    Or an Agatha Christi novel, written during Agatha's crystal meth phase.

    So far, we have Karl Rove, Bob Eberle, Kenny Boy Lay, Guckert, Scott McClellan and possibly George Bush (a catcher) all as possible closet gays.  I would definitely add Colin Powell to that (such sensuous lips), and of course that old harridan Rumsfeld (ex-wrestler, definitely a pitcher).  And Alberto Gonzalez?  Who's he trying to kid?  Add to that Dick Cheney (a Norman Bates mother figure) and his bi-sexual wife, Lynn.  The only one who doesn't fit is Condi Rice--she appears to be an assexual drone.

    The Adams Family pales in comparison.  No wonder John Kerry refused to talk about Skull and Bones--the whole thing is gay.  In fact, we could be looking at a VRCGC--Vast Rightwing Closet Gay Conspiracy!

    This sure explains a lot--the excessive secrecy, the vicious vendettas against all who violate their Code of Silence, Karl Rove channeling Gay Edgar Hoover, the way they all stick together, no matter what...They must all have so much dirt on each other that nobody can leave or be fired!

    Trouble is, if we're right about this, it's very, very bad news for the country.  These folks won't go down without bringing the country down with them.  Shoot, they appear to be doing just that, even as we indulge in this not-so-idle speculation.  How can we dislodge these parasites??

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