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  •  Not sure what you are saying (4+ / 0-)
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    Currently the cap for Social Security is around 106k. In the worst case in thirty years the cap may be adjusted slightly up. It will be secure unless Wall Street gets its way to raid Social Security.

    •  But we've had three solid decades... (6+ / 0-)

      ...of phony fearmongering about Social Security going bankrupt.

      As a result, young people in polls appear to believe that we are not going to receive Social Security by the time we retire.

      The folks spreading the lies about Social Security's solvency then take these polls and falsely suggest that they someone prove their point that Social Security is in danger.

      In fact those poll numbers problem suggest a combination of two things: 1) some people have been fooled by the fearmongering; 2) other, more clever young people don't believe the lies, but figure if our leadership class has been trying to sell them for decades, chances are they'll manage to kill Social Security off by the time we retire.  So like the first group, the second group expresses doubts about whether Social Security will be around in two or three decades.

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