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  •  and with that, I bid adieu (0+ / 0-)

    This is a topic that we cannot discuss--we can only talk past each other, because we are literally in different worlds with different interests and goals. There is no resolution to it but to duke it out within the workplace--one of us will win, the other one won't. (shrug)

    And now I must log off.  Unlike some people, I do all my own work, and have no employees to do my work for me.

    •  Fare welll... (0+ / 0-)

      aside from contention, it's been entertaining..

      I'll just finally ask how one just takes shares of stock?

      Do you got to every brokerage and force them to print documentaion of ownership that will have any legal standing ? Do you then just send notes to all the small stockholders whose 401Ks caontain that stock and demand that they surrender it ?

      I mean.. seriously..

    •  Oh wait... (0+ / 0-)

      .. I think I get it now..

      Your world requires a revolution that would wipe-out the stock market, yet still leave enough of the economy intact to support the factory.. and that the engineers, sales reps and accountants wouldn't jump ship... and you'd all go about your maerry way making better livings. Am I close ?

      That's a string of 'ifs' each of which is more than unlikley,, with a pardox or ten thrown in.

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