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  •  Anonymous hitting Egypt gov sites (13+ / 0-)

    Fairleft at reports on this:

    Monsters and Critics

    Monsters and Critics reports that hackers have taken down Egyptian government websites. This came after reports that social media websites Twitter and Facebook had been blocked in Egypt, and the "Anonymous" Facebook page "Operation Egypt" issued the following warning:

    To the Egyptian Govt : Anonymous challenges all those who are involved in censorship. Anonymous wants you to offer free access to uncensored media in your entire country. When you ignore this message, not only will we attack your govt websites, we will also make sure that the international media see the horrid reality you impose on your people!

    Which leads me to wonder as I'm sure many have: if a people's uprising can take down brutally repressive rulers in the Middle East,  what the hell can't we affect real change here?.  We can make incredible progress and it wouldn't even require violence:

    1.  We have a society in which communications channels, while, limited, are near infinite compared to those in other countries
    1.  We have a government that, while oppressive to the left, is a loving aunt compared to those in other countries
    1.  We have a seriously discontented population that needs an organized left to turn to.

    If we can make ourselves demonstrably useful to the disaffected, we can make change.

    For example, here are some suggestions as to how we could help labor:

    1.  Set up an online information clearinghouse of companies that have both bad labor records and dangerous products (Like Buy Blue used to do).

    1.  Add the names of competitors to these companies that are have good record in both areas.

    1.  Circulate online petitions which show the numbers of people willing to boycott the former and promote the latter.

    1.  Combine this with publicity generating proxy votes in the shareholders' meeting of the offending companies. In the 1970's, Saul Alinsky worked with an amazing and effective tactic for confrontic corporate power.  He worked to get concerned citizens to assign their shareholder's proxy votes to organizers who then would demand votes on issues at annual meetings with the force of those votes behind them. These actions were not expected to change policy directly, because a few powerful sharholders would hold a majority of vote, but the resulting disruption and publicity was able to force change.

    This can still work.  The simple proof?  Right wingers like Proof that this  Andrew Briebart are scared of it.

    (I've diaried about this here)

    Grab them by the wallet, and their hearts and minds will follow.  Bad press for the offenders and encouragement for the fair companies can act as real incentive for change, as companies move to market to progressive consumers.  


    Is this worth a Mothership of its own?

    Politics is the entertainment branch of industry. -Frank Zappa

    by TheGrandWazoo on Thu Jan 27, 2011 at 04:24:37 PM PST

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