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View Diary: UPDATE!! Rove- Bush-Bruce Eberle Blackmail Connection (96 comments)

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  •  Okay, I'm dense (none)
    What are the hypothetical scenarios we are entertaining here?

    Could someone please spell them out for dense me?

    Who did what to whom, and how does is illuminate current or recent events?

    What kinds of sources and information are needed to pursue these lines of inquiry, and who if anyone is going ton play project manager on this, a la SusanG's role with Propagannon?

    We are not a "compassionate conservatives." We are "fighting liberals." And we'll kick your ass.

    by Pachacutec on Sun Feb 20, 2005 at 06:39:44 AM PST

    •  A lot of this is compiled (4.00)
      Already from research on Bruce Eberle over on the Propagannon website.

      I'd suggest posting it in there and having a couple of people run down any of the info that hasn't already been posted there.

      Check with standingup over there, who is coordinating task assignments and volunteers.

    •  Who is George T. Burt (none)
      and did he set up Hatfield? (Hatfield may have had knowledge of the shrub's relationship with coke).

      Did Hatlfield's "Omega Publishing Group" aka "Omega Publishing Endeavors"  morph into, or have some other relationship with, Eberle's "Omega List Company"?

      These are the questions I gleaned from the links - I found the police records most interesting.

      Burt's complaint was filed 7/11/2001.

      Hatfield was found dead on 7/18/2001 - death ruled a suicide.

    •  What I think is that Gannon (none)
      is a patsy.  He was inserted into the White House by Rove and/or his associates for one purpose (to help the election of GWB) and he was used by the CIA to get back at the Administration by exposing all their dirty secrets.

      Surely the CIA knows that it is a new day and that sweeping things under the rug is no longer possible with the advent of internet communication.  There are just too many people watching to be able to bribe or disappear them all.

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