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View Diary: UPDATE!! Rove- Bush-Bruce Eberle Blackmail Connection (96 comments)

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  •  Roseeriter (none)
    There is no connection between Omega Publishing Company and Omega List Company, which is a part of Eberle Communications Group. So any assertions about a Rove blackmail hold on Bush based on this connection is not valid.  

    If you would like, please move the pertinent information to the new site,

    You can enter it as a new topic in the Forum and allow others to help research this further.  

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    by standingup on Sun Feb 20, 2005 at 08:08:57 AM PST

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    •  Nothing pertinent yet (none)
      I'm still going through cache stuff as there is very little about The Omega company in the police reports. It's so similar to what Eberle lists in his link Omega List, Kalaidescope publishing- It's very easy to alter company names and it seems too coincidental to ignore. I will add the other stuff to Susans web once I figure out how to manuever on it. I find it difficult to use, but then it took me awhile to figure out how Kos worked-LOL!!
      •  Found another clue connecting Eberle (none)
        Endeavor Media Group, LLC in Houston, TX, is the owner of Talon News and, according to research posted February 9 and 10, 2005 (, by Georgy and other bloggers at The Raconteur ( ( "Endeavor Media Group is "a company with a PO Box and a fake phone number listing. When checking on in whois, the same info comes up -- but is a Forbidden domain. Also, googling ( endeavor media group gets you nothing. It's like this company doesn't exist.
        So in Hatfield's Police record appears the name Omega Publishing Endeavor- We have found Omega List and now Endeavor Media Group There's a definite connection here
        • (none)
          Is a website/domain that's not been used yet.  It's also hosted off this server:

          traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
          12 (  27.854 ms  29.163 ms  29.212 ms

          I think someone's already noted that fact, however.
          That system's hosted off of in NJ- I thought GOPUSA was TX based.

    •  It's Omega Publishing Endeavor (none)
      •  Roseeriter .... (none)
        Don't want to dampen your enthusiasm for the quest, but until we see actual legal corporate links between Omega Publishing, Omega List, Endeavor Media, Eberle's conglomerate and GOPUSA, this is all just speculation based on name similarities.

        Show me a definite legal corporate link between Omega Publishing and the Eberles. Then we're truly off and running in that direction.

        •  I am looking Susan. (none)
          and I'm convinced this is no coincidence
          •  it's coincident. (none)
            I think It is coincident.

            If you look into Omega publishing book list. They have some seriously funky book that will pissed off Bushies.

            but I haven't look into who own Omega publishing. Who makes the book deal etc.

            But the hypothesis is pretty interesting tho.

            I am willing to bet, even it omega publishing is not involved. There is something else from the past that is similar. Eberle is too deep into the Bushies world not to know some past dirty dealing.

            Interestingly: We now know squarely that Jeff Gannon is a hired GOP PR astro turf guy. He is Eberle's guy. No denying it.

            We just need detail. (who is involved, who at the top. Who is Gannon sleeping with? Who is his insider sugar daddy? What is Eberle detailed role in this whole propaganda effort?)

          •  If I may, (4.00)
            another note of caution.

            Try not to think of it as "no coincidence." If you examine something with a preset conclusion in your mind, you're likely to find "evidence" that will support your foregone conclusion.

            Try, instead, to use what the Buddhists call "beginner's mind," which assumes you know nothing about the subject and are open to all interpretations. Then if you get the conclusion you say here you want, chances will be that it's more accurate.

            Like another poster, I had trouble parsing this. I don't yet get the connection you draw.

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            by Mnemosyne on Sun Feb 20, 2005 at 10:07:48 AM PST

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          •  This Is Too Confusing to Be Called Provocative (none)
            I would really suggest re-casting this diary as expressing speculation that may suggest new avenues of investigation, and tie your various links and quotes together better with your line of speculation.  Put your hypothesis in the opening sentence and then lead the reader through your chain of reasoning.

            Fuzzy only works for pets.

            by NotFuzzy on Sun Feb 20, 2005 at 10:34:13 AM PST

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