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View Diary: UPDATE!! Rove- Bush-Bruce Eberle Blackmail Connection (96 comments)

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  •  Actually, Bruce W Eberle started earlier, I found (none)
    a link last night that says he was a member of the Young Americans for Freedom in high school in in the late 60's.  Bruce was born and raised in Rolla, Missouri.  He was very active in conserative politics from  high school and worked on Barry Goldwater's campaign.

    Given his penchant for right wing propoganda, I started wondering if it is a coincidence that Rush Limbaugh was also born and raised in Missouri and is roughly the same age.  He too was involved in conservative politics at an early age and I don't think it's too far of a stretch to say that 2 very loud mouth conservaties in an age of  hippies - especially one with a radio program even back then - would cross paths in the same state.  So, I googled "Young Americans for Freedom" to find out who they are - found that David Limbaugh is a member  - along with people like Rush's self-appointed "Legal Division" - Mark Levin, Kenneth Starr, Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, and many, many more.

    I posted all the links in the SusanG diary regarding Gannon being a GOPUSA Officer.

    •  More connections to Young Americans for Freedom (none)
      I googled "limbaugh and eberle, 1972" and found a link to this:

      Coincidence that every anti-Kerry article is written by the exact same list of guest "lecturers" for the grassroots activist series of the Young Americans for Freedom?  This group was started by William F Buckley and Bruce W Eberle was a member from in the 60's as listed in here:

      Index CardsR639
      Young Americans for Freedom. Rolla High School Chapter (Rolla, Mo.).
      Papers, 1964-1966.Cave, Shannon D.
      Clubs--Missouri--Phelps County.
      Eberle, Bruce.
      Phelps County (Mo.).
      Political clubs--Missouri--Phelps County.
      Rolla (Mo.).
      Young Americans for Freedom. Rolla High School Chapter (Rolla, Mo.)--Records and correspondence.

      Information SheetR639
      Young Americans for Freedom. Rolla High School Chapter (Rolla, Mo.).
      Papers, 1964-1966.
      One folder.These are papers concerning the Rolla High School Chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom. They consist of the constitution, by-laws, and charter, newspaper clippings concerning the chapter's events and activities, and printed materials from the national headquarters. Some Rolla members of the Young Americans for Freedom were active in Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign in 1964. The Rolla High School Chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom was formally organized in January 1965, and received its certificate of charter from the national organization in 1966. Although it was designated the Rolla High School Chapter, individuals up to forty years of age were permitted to join. The Chapter was involved in bringing speakers such as Barry Goldwater, Jr., and Fulton Lewis III to Rolla, and held educational forums on political issues. Topics generally involved the threat by communism and the involvement of the United States in Vietnam. Bruce Eberle and Shannon Cave, students at the University of Missouri-Rolla, were the local leaders. The collection includes the chapter's constitution and by-laws, and the charter from the national headquarters of the Young Americans for Freedom. There are also many newspaper clippings concerning the chapter's activities. Most are from the pages of the Rolla Daily News, whose editor, Edward W. Sowers, was a staunch anti-Communist. r535; 19 March 1992; Luther Martin; gift

      Here's a full list of their speakers, but I'm still looking for more info on the state of the current organization:

      •  Whoa! Check out all the authors on this site (none)
        related to the Young Americans for Freedom!

        Kerry's unanswered questions by Oliver North

        Crooked thought by William F. Buckley
        "His pursuit of the pro-choice voter is so assiduous as to bring into question his intellectual sanity. John Kerry is a Catholic who, he frequently says, opposes abortion but is in favor of the rights of dissenters from his position to have abortions and to advocate a higher incidence of them."

        Isn't that rich?! by Neil Cavuto
        "Kerry's out there with his $16,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycle and Turnbull & Asser shirts, and Edwards is strutting his best designer suits and haircuts from Ian McWilliams of Bravado Hair Design in Washington, D.C. Funny, but neither of these guys screams 'working man' to me."

        Kerry's Other War Record by John Fund, WSJ (29 March)
        " Normally, one shouldn't make too much of Mr. Kerry's inability to recall in detail events of 33 years ago, even though they were the most formative of his political career. But he has "misremembered" a lot of key facts about the period. The circumstantial evidence indicates that he is desperate to avoid discussion of those days."

        Mrs. Kerry's secrecy by Robert Novak (22 April)
        "Without backing from Heinz ketchup money, it is fair to say John Kerry would not be his party's presidential standard-bearer and probably would not even be a U.S. senator today. Thus, refusal to release his wife's tax returns inevitably raises suspicions, however ill-founded, that the Kerrys have something to hide."

        Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Calls for Kerry to Resign by Bobby Eberle (16 June)
        "Sen. Kerry has missed more votes the last two years than he has made."

        John Kerry Sells Out to Big Education by Armstrong Williams (25 June)
        "The National Education Association (NEA)...will hold their national convention in Washington, D.C. That's when they're expected to endorse John Kerry for President."

        The bizarre candidacy of John Kerry by David Limbaugh (14 Sept.)
        "The Swift Boat Veterans have deeply discredited numerous parts of his Vietnam record, but Kerry hasn't even attempted a factual rebuttal to any of the charges."

        The real John Kerry stands up by Maggie Gallagher (1 April)
        "Last week, only 38 senators voted against Laci and Conner's law. Sen. John Kerry was one of them. In a letter to constituents, Sen. Kerry expressed concern that, even though abortion is specifically exempted, recognizing two victims might somehow undermine Roe v. Wade. Was it a profile in courage? Maybe you think so."




        Aldrich, Gary
        Bandow, Doug
        Barnes, Fred
        Barr, Bob
        Bennett, William
        Browne, Harry
        Bruce, Tammy
        Buchanan, Bay
        Buchanan, Patrick
        Burnett, Deena
        Clark, William P.
        Connerly, Ward
        Coulter, Ann
        D'Souza, Dinesh
        Easton, Michelle
        Elder, Larry
        Evans, Stan
        Feder, Don
        Fields, Suzanne
        Folsom, Burton
        Fund, John
        Goldberg, Jonah
        Griffin, Kate
        Horowitz, David
        Jeffrey, Terence
        Jones, Reginald
        Kemp, Jack
        Kengor, Paul
        Kors, Alan
        Lapin, Rabbi
        Largent, Steve
        Larson, Mark
        Levin, Mark
        Limbaugh, David
        London, Herb
        Lowry, Rich
        Malkin, Michelle
        Medved, Michael
        Meese, Edwin
        Moore, Roy
        Moore, Stephen
        Murdock, Deroy
        Nofziger, Lyn
        North, Ollie
        Novak, Robert
        Nugent, Ted
        Parker, Star
        Ponnuru, Ramesh
        Quayle, Dan
        Reed, Ralph
        Reeves, Shannon
        Schlafly, Phyllis
        Snow, Tony
        Sommers, Christina Hoff
        Starr, Kenneth
        Stein, Ben
        Stossel, John
        Vincent, Bruce
        Weinberger, Caspar
        Wilbur, Kirby
        Williams, Walter
        Yeagley, David

        They also have "seminars."  I cannot find any information on their board or who runs it, etc.  Sure seems like alot of the same people involved with the Leadership Institute.  Did we ever find out who owns the LI?

        •  FOIA...? (none)
          Wonder if a FOIA request can be written, asking the GAO to provide information on any checks written by the U.S. government to any of the people on this list?


          •  Exactly. How many of them have been paid thru (none)
            Fleishman-Hillard, Ketchum or other PR firms.

            We know that those people are associated with:

            *Young American's Foundation (aka Young Americans for Freedom)
            * (or whatever I listed above)

            So, are they also connected to the Leadership Institute?

            Why do they all come out with the same message, exact same phrases consistently?  Who is developing their message?  I can find zero info on who runs or operates this group.  Any help please?

            I think we may have something here with all of these Goldwater, Nixon Young Americans for Freedom.  I'm telling you, I don't know how, but I'm convinced this group and Bruce Eberle are connected.  And Eberle is connected to Rove.

            •  Payola (none)
              I was thinking look for the more obvious expenditures first; some of these folks might well have been paid directly.  We could start the payola search there.

              Third-parties may be more difficult, but that would be second-tier FOIA requests.  FOIA GAO for all documentation supporting payments to Fleishman-Hillard, Ketchum et al.  Somebody must have been auditing these payments at some point.

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