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  •  RoCali, what about Norway's plan? (2+ / 0-)
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    melpomene1, Mostel26

    Who is even free to think about, much less plan and implement, new ideas when we are struggling to keep our house, meals, health care. Is it any wonder that many new companies are sparked in Silicon Valley where professors with lifetime employment and their grad students with fellowships, including medical benefits, have the time to be creative with what they are learning?

    Norway supports students very well, and creative students are able to implement their ideas for new companies. Is it any wonder that Norway and other "socialist" nations have such high rates of entrepreneurship? Take a look at this article.

    Norwegians have a high tax rate, but they get a lot for it, and they have very low unemployment, little graft and greed, and lots of new and successful companies. What's not to like in this socialist arrangement - except the snow?

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