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View Diary: Huffington Post Disses the Jasmine Revolution Redux (15 comments)

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  •  Ginsburg (0+ / 0-)

    While I do not think that Ginsburg is particularly typical of Huffington Post in general, the editors and moderators have been showing a distinct rightward tilt since the last election. Ginsburg himself has a new post up today about the Egypt situation.

    He mentions a foreign policy "lesson" from the fall or Iran under Jimmy Carter. According to Ginsburg, Carter blundered by "abandoning the Shah to the Persian street." As I recall that historical moment, the Carter administration failed to recognize the collapse in time to extricate us and save Americans from being used as political toys. We had propped up the Shah for more years than it was worth it, and the same is proving true of Mubarak in Egypt. We need better education and accountability from our diplomats and ambassadors over seas.

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