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  •  It isn't hysteria. (2+ / 0-)
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    LtdEdishn, commonmass

    In a post further downthread, missliberties, you say:

    You are driving up fear by predicting the probability of a very unlikely situation.

    I demand of our government that they consider - and have plans to control and/or defuse - any and all situations, no matter how unlikely.

    We have plans - very serious plans, carefully considered and ready to implement - to wage war against the UK if they should attack us.  Now that's a very unlikely situation, isn't it?  But how screwed would we be if some messianic madman somehow got control of the UK's government and nuclear arsenal, and decided to attack us?

    And - as recent events in the Middle East prove once again - these kinds of things can happen very quickly, and without much warning at all.

    It is the essence of good government to plan for all eventualities.  Period.  Governments which allow emotional attachments to interfere with sound policy planning don't last long.

    Why should informed citizens approach the world any differently than governments do?

    It ain't called paranoia - when they're really out to get you. 6 points.

    by Jaime Frontero on Sat Jan 29, 2011 at 07:23:46 AM PST

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