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    Judge Moonbox

    It is an absurd, yet now quite popular sophistic method, to say that "freedom is being denied", when you take away someone's chance to pull the wool over your eyes.  It is almost as if this line of argumentation has become a talking point by those hired to spew pablum on the internet as excuses for the status quo.  Freedom is not an absolute concept. Is someone being denied by freedom because somehow the universe is keeping them from exerting god-like powers to do anything that they want?  The entire premise of such a framing of the definition of "freedom" is simply preposterous.

    All that this segment shows is that people, who do not understand the role of evolution by means of natural selection in explaining why the natural world is the way it is, are extremely poorly equipped to be leaders in a highly technological society.  This is true because it at least as likely that their leadership skills will be directed toward trying to put in place systems that are fundamentally flawed and unworkable as they are to actually do any good (be useful to society).  In many cases most of what they propose is actually harmful to all life on the planet.

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