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    You can see a glimmer of what Mexico was like with the Huichol of today. When Guzman started his march of death, the Huichol just upped and left for the mountains of the Sierra Madres. They did mount small attacks on the Spaniards, but by in large they simply withdrew. They are some what unique in that they never accepted Catholicism, although they have adopted a few pieces. I have a beaded doe that shows Jesus as a buck running away with a Sun God burst on his side. The Huichol believe that when Pontius Pilate came for Jesus to crucify him, Jesus turned himself into a deer and ran away.

    Even today they still live in extended family villages that are called temple districts overseen by a local shaman. All the houses and building are communally owned by the village.

    They still are allowed to pass through what should be hostile territory to collect their peyote for their rituals, as they have done for generations now unnumbered. They have two governments. One sanctioned by Mexico and another of village elders.

    So, imagine thousands if not tens of thousands of temple districts spread throughout Western Mexico run by shamans and you can start to glimpse what Mexico was like. It wasn't bands of nomadic hunters; it was well established temple districts that shared a rich cultural and religious heritage. Sense the peyote was some distance away, it appears that free travel was not impeded.

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