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View Diary: Saudi King Suddenly Tries To Buy Facebook (17 comments)

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  •  Holy b'jesus. (0+ / 0-)

    The big problem is: people are NOT going to leave Facebook.

    This is huge news, geek. I had no idea. The State Department must a bit freaking...right?

    As for your two options: Aren't they one and the same? I mean that seriously.


    OMG a real flying penis!!!! I've never seen one of those before. Where can I get one?

    •  a) yes they are one in the same. (1+ / 0-)
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      The Russian government is infested with organized crime.  And the tragic thing is, Russia (and the USSR) have demonstrated the capacity to be the equal of any nation when it comes to science & technology, notably space exploration.  This is a culture that can achieve great things and does so regularly (US astronauts go to the space station on Russian rockets).  And to see it hobbled by an infestation of vain bullies and petty tyrants is nothing short of tragic.  

      b) You can't buy those, you have to make them.  Presumably a radio-controlled model helicopter, minus the plastic exterior, re-fitted with a hollowed-out dildo.  I think it would be a splendid thing if people flew these around at Republican campaign rallies, climate denialist events, right-wing megachurches, and so on.  

      However, for $30, you can get (or give) a flying fuck.

      That might be quite sufficient to stir up merriment in some of the aforementioned venues.  Enjoy!  

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