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    Dearest TeacherKen . . .

    I offer what I presented to late in reference to the earlier essay.  As a strong advocate and lifetime activist, I wish to share my eternal truth.  Violence begets violence.  This is no less true in the use of language.  Indeed, I experience that if our words are aggressive, we encourage aggression in return. In my work as an Educator, my students forever heard this utterance, otherwise known as Newton’s Third Law of Motion.  “For every action is there an equal and opposing reaction.”  Therefore, I personally do not choose to “demand” as is voiced in the Save Our Schools mantra.

    I will participate in the March and every effort to Save Our Schools. I will protest.  I will eternally argue each procedure that hinders authentic education, assessment, and growth.  However, I will not ignore nay avoid the reality I experience when I approach a matter or a man with a demand . . . reactions that work against a productive actuality.  As Ernst Mach restated, "When two compact objects ("point masses" in phystalk) act on each other, they accelerate in opposite directions, and the ratio of their accelerations is always the same."

    Schools are transformed by policymakers, and, or Educators, everyday people, and pupils.  We can chose to create what we crave, or we can work in opposition to our objective.  Whatever we do will give birth to what comes.  Thus, I prose a peaceful a presentation, prose that invite legislators to rethink rather than rebel, resent, or reprimand us for what they will think vitriolic demands.

    I wish to Save Our Schools, not further separate our selves from those who wildly wield power, policy, and wealth.


    It is only the giving that makes us what [who] we are. - Ian Anderson.
    Betsy L. Angert BeThink

    by Bcgntn on Sun Jan 30, 2011 at 02:13:42 PM PST

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