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    is just what we're doing, times six.

    Like a cocktail party conversation

    BUt, in and around every technology there has to be a work of conceiving and imagining of other people. Then later it seems that the gizmo dunnit. But what to do was never obviously just from the nature of the gizmo (otherwise Zuckerberg would have known what he hath wrought).

    The gizmo is a condition that is necessary but not sufficient. It isn't the cause of what happens.

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      that's why my original comment was rhetorical.  i still find the innertubes the most valuable technology invented in my lifetime.

      when we lose net neutrality, not so much, unless another technology gets invented and people find a way to use it.

      and I was commenting that I don't understand how they concatenate all those tweets, but it is totally awesome.  like watching millions of people talking over one another.

      Gaia is heartbroken.

      by BlueDragon on Sun Jan 30, 2011 at 02:01:52 PM PST

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