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  •  The Likud made Israeli capitalist for good (5+ / 0-)

    And it hired PNAC bastards in the '90s to write an action plan called "A Clean Break" whose main points seem to be:

    1. Impose neoliberal Reaganomics on Israel to attract investment
    1. Use the resulting bubble economy to neutralize any threat of US aid cutoffs for any future Israeli actions
    1. Neutralize all the Arab governments, including Iraq.

    So the question is, if those same PNAC bastards, whose loyalties seem to be to both Israel and their version of the US, then carry out exactly the same program from Cheney's White House after 2000, who was serving whom?

    One result, as Naomi Klein pointed out, was that Israel had a real estate boom, like the US and UK.  Presumably the huge jump in exports of Israeli security Orwellware financed that boom, but the houses went to the new wave of Russian immigrants led by ethnic cleanser Evigdor Lieberman (including the scientists and engineers who developed those technologies), made possible by further land theft.  But while the US war/real estate boom petered out when the gas got too pricey, and the UK's collapsed when the houses got too pricey, Israel's boom continues.

    So I would argue that all 3 countries had the same ruling class, neoliberal Ponzi schemers investing in the war and housing rackets, whose hired politicians boosted each other in an insane scheme to dominate the entire Middle East a la "Clean Break".  The neocon economic model they created still thrives in Israel because it's the only place where more land can be stolen upon settler demand.

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