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  •  What is in it for the US ruling class? (1+ / 0-)
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    Frankly, I never understood the payoff for the US.  To be blunt, what do we gain from backing Israel?  Where is the payoff?  The Arabs have the oil, and that is what we want most of all.

    Liberal, Democrat, Atheist, Socialist, Communist, and Fascist. I'm the whole package.

    by docterry on Mon Jan 31, 2011 at 04:12:59 PM PST

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    •  The Neocons (1+ / 0-)
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      bicycle Hussein paladin

      One of the greatest "achievements" of the neocons was to reverse the traditional position of Big Oil from hostility to Israel and a desire to be friendly to the existing Arab governments, to an exasperation with the Arabs and a willingness to support US-Israel efforts to put them under the control of Quisling dictators.

      The key here was probably the role of Saudi Arabia.  In the late '70s several right-wing pariah states had efforts underway to buy support in Washington.  The Saudi effort went to groups lobbying to help the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan against the USSR.  Israel and South Africa, supposedly, were part of another lobbying group along with some Latin American dictators. Reagan's ascension gave both these evil organizations entree, in effect putting all the most odious anti-Communists in bed with Israel and Reagan.  In the early '70s the neonconservatives were not Jewish, but it seemed to change with the rise of Reagan, and that also put Jews in bed with Reagan's Southern Christian base.

      Of course, Big Oil worshipped Reagan, so now look at all the bullies in bed.  It's just my theory, but I think with all the right-wing think tanks these bastards funded, they all started indoctrinating each other with their lies, which merged into the one big lie we now call right-wing ideology.  The idea that ordinary Arabs were lazy thieves who had to be kept under the control of pro-US despots served the interests of Saudi, Israel and Big Oil.  But I've heard that 10 years ago Big Oil still wanted Israel to stop creating problems for it in the Middle East.  However, Cheney, who had no history of Zionism but was reliant on the young Zionist neocons in his own AEI/PNAC propaganda empire, also made himself a force in oil at Halliburton.  PNAC pushed the idea that the US must dominate the world forever, via not cooperation with Arab allies, but outright conquest of Iraq and Iran to control world oil supplies.  That seems to be the turning point, since clearly such a scheme would require Israel as a Crusader fortress.

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