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  •  Still thinking about the US response (3+ / 0-)
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    to the uprising.

    (there are some really good posts above which explain the 'whys' of how we got to this state of affairs).

    Mystified over US reactions.  From the beginning of the demonstrations, the State Department has been hesitant, unsure of what to say, sits on the fence, tries to hold back and wait to see how things go.  Both Clinton & Biden seem to be not on the same page.

    This implies a shocking lack of leadership, like there's no one at the helm.  Which is really saying a lot about Egypt because this was the cornerstone of all ME policy????  And we let it go this far before shifting into action.  The Wiki Leaks show that the situation was deteriorating for a long time, and yet there was nothing done.

    According to Salon online:

    In Washington, as the Daily Beast’s John Barry has chronicled, Obama administration officials were taken completely by surprise by the scope of the popular uprising and have felt almost powerless to intervene.

    It tells me that there is no one in charge.  We saw this with the Pentagon a few years back.  There was a complete lack of leadership, a dead giveaway is multiple spokespeople saying vastly different things.  Of course we know that Rumsfeld purged the Pentagon kicked out anyone who was not a Yes-Man to him.  So the State Department is the same: nothing but Yes-Men and Yes-Men are not good decision-makers.  


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