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  •  They deserve all the praise (0+ / 0-)

    they get. All of them, but the first four especially.

    Civil rights is such an obvious issue. Though without the centuries of outright oppression that african-americans (this was not the term used at the time) sufferd, the LGBT community's struggles in the country are the same. They are the same, because theres no such thing as "gay rights" or "black rights". There are merely Unalienable Human Rights.

    When people attack minorities, foreigners, atheists, etc, they are making a gross mistake. If ANYONE can lose their civil rights based on the whims of the moment, then EVERYONE is unsafe. Then the laws are meaningless. They become just words, to be used only to attack and harm.

    We are ALL equal, and it bothers me to no end how often people can forget this, or simply not care. Being different didnt used to be a crime in America.

    I had always thought, from my earliest years, that one of the big reasons for advancement in the US was the lack of such discrimination. That by pulling together peoples and ideas from all over, the "melting pot" that was such a deviance from the old order of countries, we were able to share and improve on each others works, to the betterment of all.

    If we dont accept new people, new ideals and new changes, then we stagnate and die, to whoever realises how good of an idea it was next.

    And When the Truth Finally Dawns: It dawns in fire! But, There's one they fear. In their tongue, he's Dovahkiin: Dragon Born!

    by kamrom on Wed Feb 02, 2011 at 10:26:32 AM PST

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