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View Diary: O'Keefe copycat who targeted Planned Parenthood faceplants out of the gate (118 comments)

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  •  Irony Watch: The Hoax and HR3 (20+ / 0-)
    The hoax actually highlights the Republican redefintion of rape:

    As TPM and others reported last week, Planned Parenthood had alerted the FBI that some of its clinics had likely been targeted by right-wing activists claiming to run an interstate sex trafficking ring that involves minors and illegal immigrants. So that the anti-abortion group Live Action and its Andrew Breitbart megaphone Big Government are trumpeting the results of their "sting" comes as no surprise. What is ironic, though, is that some of the abuse of women they claim to decry would no longer be considered rape by House Republicans.

    Among the charges leveled by Live Action President Lila Rose is an assertion that Planned Parenthood clinics refused to report allegations of statutory rape by underage girls:

    In ten Planned Parenthood clinics, Live Action videos depict investigators posing as underage girls, as young as 13-years-old, saying they were impregnated by men over twice their age. Planned Parenthood's typical response? "Whatever you tell us stays within these walls" (Alabama). Or, "I didn't hear the age, I don't want to know the age" (Indiana). Or, "You don't have to say anything" (Arizona). Or, "Just say he's 15″ (Tennessee).

    But according to the H.R. 3, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortions Act, supported by 172 House Republicans and championed by Speak John Boehner as "one of our highest legislative priorities," those kinds of scenarios would no longer be defined as "rape" by the GOP.

    Fpr the detaila, see:
    "Right-Wing Hoax Highlights GOP Redefinition of Rape."

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