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  •  Never Claimed Dems Want to Privatize Soc Security (1+ / 0-)
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    If you view the DPPP video with Harry Reid and the "Make Social Security Stronger" video with Bernie Sanders, the point I was making would probably have been clear to you.

    The parsing of words that the Administration and our Senators are engaging in is for a reason.  Obviously, the Administration and/or the Democratic Senate leadership could declare that "all cuts in Social Security are OFF THE TABLE!"  Can we agree on that?  

    My contention is that they are creating a "straw man" lately by running around and trying to gin up hysteria over the Republican's intention to privatize social security.  Look, I KNOW that Republicans would LIKE to privatize Social Security, but do you, or anyone else, seriously believe that they would attempt it after Bush's diastrous attempt, and after the financial meltdown a couple of years ago?  I don't believe they would, UNLESS they could "hold hands and jump together" with the Democrats (as they alwsys say on the Sunday talk shows.)

    Bottom line is, I had read SO MANY white papers from think tanks that advocate for "redirecting our resources" away from the elderly "non productive" members of society, to the "productive" members (i.e., children) of society.  Don't take my word for it--check out Brookings, Urban Institute, Hoover Institute, AEI, etc., under budget deficits/social security and retirement, and maybe what I'm saying will make more sense to you.  The budget hawks want to free up money to go on the programs that President Obama named in his SOTU address:  namely, Education, Infrastucture and Research.  They spell this out--guess you could say that it's hidden in plain sight.  And guess what, as Bernanke said before Congress, Social Security is where the money is!

    So, no, I don't believe that the Dems are trying to privatize Social Security--I believe that they are "making a straw man out of the 'threat' that Republicans are wanting to privatize it," so that the drastic cuts they implement (per Fiscal Commission Report) WON'T SEEM SO BAD!!

    Thanks for your feedback--

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