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  •  When they were called up ... (none) various McCarthyist venues, many of the men who went to fight against Franco were called "premature anti-fascists."
    •  That phrase has always killed me. (none)
      When I first heard it, I couldn't believe it wasn't a joke. So... these people were smart enough to be right about Fascism ahead of public sentiment... and why, exactly, was that not a compliment?

      Now I'm older and more cynical, I realize how threatening it is to established powers to be right about any issue too soon, before they have decided you are allowed to think that way. It's a sign that you have been thinking for yourself, which makes you a dangerous radical.

      However, I still think this particular McCarthyist phrase is the most blatant example ever of asserting that independent thought is bad. It's almost as if it was constructed on a dare: "I can get away with turning even this into a synonym for subversive. And the sheep won't dare to argue, because they know what I can do to them if they do."

      "Prematurely anti-Fascist." An assertion of Fascist power.

      Massacre is not a family value.

      by Canadian Reader on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 08:11:52 AM PST

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