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  •  Fascism 101 (none)

    Good goddamn -- these anti-democratic pukes are at it again.  Sure, the Klan and the Birchers did this kind of stuff, but how many of their klavens had such policital "heavyweights"?  (Power-wise :)

    This kind of list is a warning sign, at least when it has access to political power -- a warning that we're edging towards fascism.  Fascism at its simplist is a nationalist-tinged alternative to Communism.  So when communists are scarce, what do proto-fascists do?  Yep, they invent them.  Bruce Springsteen, Howard Dean, George Soros (they can't possibly call HIM a commie?!), Nancy Pelosi, Osama Bin Laden --all are labeled communists or terrorists.  I guess that's American innovation for you -- a flavor of fascism where communists AND terrorists are the enemy.

    I'm not convinced we're seeing the end of democracy in America, but opinions like this so close to the halls of power make me wonder if we're at the beginning of the end.  Next up, sedition acts?  

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