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  •  Remember Rwanda (4.00)
    Radiostations served the Hutus' purpose of inflaming the Hutu majority against the Tutsis and other Hutus who were either moderates or were clearly not willing to participate in the scapegoating of the Tutsis.  When the starting gun went off and the genocide began, these same radio stations started giving out the names and addresses of Tutsis and Hutus who were "enemies of the nation".  It was a very effective means of acheiving their genocidal ends.

    The internet is the American version of the Rwandan radiostations.

    Look folks, I know a number of hate-mongering, right-wing fanatics.  They aren't to be dismissed.  They're a bonfire waiting for a match to happen.

    Liberals should give more serious consideration to arming themselves.  

    King George... Bush the Butcher.

    by rangemaster on Sun Feb 20, 2005 at 10:44:36 PM PST

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    •  this is no exaggeration (4.00)
      My family is Republican, and despite their guys controlling all 3 branches of govt, and their guy winning, you'd think they'd be happy. But they're NOT.

      The right is so filled with hatred and on hair-triggers that I really feel if they keep escalating, with their in your face "and you're NEXT to go!" there is going to be violence erupting.. don't know when or where.

      But the fact that they are stark raving rabid -- despite WINNING and CONTROLLING -- well things are going too far and something is going to snap.

      We have no idea yet what this firing on Fort Sumpter will be.

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