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View Diary: Beyond outrage: We are at War (UPDATED) (264 comments)

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  •  The right wing is running scared (none)
    " . . . only 3 million more people voted for Bush than Kerry." Due to election fraud, we'll never know if the reverse is actually true: that 3 million more people actually voted for Kerry than Bush.  The only way the Republicans can stay in power is by disenfranchising (mostly poor and African-American) voters. We should never treat the results of the last election as legitimate.
    •  I agree... (none)
      I believe there likely was fraud and if in fact Kerry won my point is further supported; there are too many people in this country to relegate to ghettos.  Republicans, I think, use hate speech to keep their fringes inflamed and proactive.  There is some infection of the vulnerable with their diatribes, but the bulk of people are sane and if not immune, at least shielded by first, their lack of interest in politics and second, their real-life human interactions; they experience Rightists as unhinged these days, not Leftists.

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