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    People keep bringing up names similar to this Discover the Network site as a name for a counter-site.  Why not 'Behind the Curtains'.  Their deception is just like the Wizard of Oz's, except far more far reaching, detrimental, and malicious.  Expose the double dealings of the government, from Cheney and Halliburton, to Negroponte's links to the death squads of Central America in the 80s, to the lesser known links that aren't well publicized.  Expose the lies behind the curtains.  Break the smoke and mirrors they've constructed.  They say we have a 'network' with our enemies.  Yet all that does is disguise the machinery both our cynical, destructive, facist government and the terrorist enemies they say they abhor use.

    We dont' even neet to make bad photoshopped pairings.  Show Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam.  Show our supposedly 'balanced' media getting buddy buddy with the government they're meant to hold accountable.  Show the eliminationist similarties betweeen the right's hate speech and those speeches from the facists of WWII, and even those terrorists they claim WE somehow support.  Show Negroponte and the results of the death squads he helped create.  

    Make them realize, they haven't shown anything.  There is no network to discover.  For it's all a sham to distract the public while their strings are pulled by their manipulators Behind the Curtain.

    "The connection between vice and meanness is a fit subject for satire, but when the satire is a fact, it cuts with the irresistible power of a diamond." - Paine

    by Kryptik on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 06:36:30 AM PST

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