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  •  so in fact (none)
    You're kicking it up a notch, in cooking parlance. (or several notches). Fair enough.

    I happen to see this as a real opportunity, however, to educate a large portion of passionate people about just what is at stake today. Here and now. The fact that all the different slanders that I described -- and many, many more -- occurred during the same time frame, I think this is a HUGE opportunity. I envision a rally of sorts where several of the major "constituencies" that were slandered on the site, are made aware and stand together to say: Enough is enough! think about how each of these "icons" can be pitched to the various folks they represent:
    Howard Dean -- DFA
    Bruce Springsteen -- the HUGE and devoted community of springsteen followers (of which I'm one)
    Barack Obama -- The black community. (WTF is HE doing on this list?)
    Party stalwarts.
    Bill Moyers -- the media. (Who among the corporate media wouldn't be frightened to be considered a terrorist for doing their job? Oh, they would cover this event!)
    the fact that teachers and university professors are targeted. ... This is an opportunity to link ALL this GOP right-wingers -- who are definitely on this path anyway -- to this website. And I really beleive we win the war of words. It would be a huge media event, if done well.
    --It may be too late for this strategey, which is what you seem to be saying, but I just can't go there yet. I've got two kids under 5. If we're at "blood" already, well, it's British Columbia here we come?

    If you aren't outraged, you're not paying attention.

    by bigskiphazzy on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 09:41:36 AM PST

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