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  •  Schools do vary from district to district (1+ / 0-)
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    because control of the school districts is not held by the state--save for in a custodial role. The authority for what happens in a district is held by the local school board. This was one of the changes George W Bush enacted when he was governor. That's why the Texas Education Agency is small, it was farmed out to the school boards. Now ironically enough, across the state for one teacher we have one administrator. Although TEA was downsized dramatically, admin jobs were created on the district level. Sort of a money shuffle, no savings in tangible terms, but it looked on good paper to downsize TEA.

    Every district is given the basic state curriculum guides, then the district is to create a plan to meet the guides and regulations. Most of the plans are developed around meeting those No Child Left Behind testing regs. Sad but true.

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