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View Diary: Scott Ritter: Bush plans to attack Iran in June (273 comments)

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  •  this is not going to be like iraq... (4.00)
    or at least it won't be immediately.

    the attack referenced by ritter most likey is a air strike on nuclear facilities, and will not involve any ground troops whatsoever initially.

    nevertheless, airstrikes will be very significant. they will be targeting possible dual use facilities, such as nuclear power plants. since nuclear power is a primary source of electricity for iran, the power outage will create chaos in the country. neocons hope this chaos will turn the populace against the unpopular regime.

    also, if such an attack takes place, don't be surprised if a few stray bombs happen to hit oil production infrastructure. oil revenues provide most of iran's income, and their disruption would also disrupt civil life.

    •  Disruptions (4.00)
      The problem of course being that Iran is a very different place than Iraq. Though really controlled by the mullahs and all those guys, the citizenry has a strong nationalist stint. (recalling the Iran-Iraq war where the casualities were enthusiastically high on the Iranian side) Disruptions to their life in a massive manner will be painted as the Iranian 9/11 and nationalism will most likely not result in a change in governance, but just as in the US, a rush of freverant patriotism that won't be calmed until blood is had.

      Bush is playing with fire and he will be incinerated if he gets to close to that oil. Unfortunatly, depending on how the cards fall, the collateral damage of our soldiers, the Iranian soldier, and the Iranian citizens might not be the only people who die for the lies.

      Push to far, and you get back lash. Is there any wonder Russia is playing nice with Iran? Someone is getting tired of the local bully.

      But I won't be frustrated by the fire in your eyes as you're staring at the sun

      by Izixs on Sun Feb 20, 2005 at 11:58:48 PM PST

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    •  Nuclear power not primary source of electricity (4.00)
      Nuclear is not yet a primary source of electricity for the Iranians. This is the core of Bush's differences with Iran. Iran want to use nuclear power to generate electricity. Bush says why do you need to as you have so much oil. Their reply is probably that the oil won't last for ever and we are quite happy selling it to the Chinese. Last week, I posted about how the Russians were going to sign off to allow delivery of nuclear fuel to the Bushehr reactor within three months. That will mean that the reactor may go live in May which means that if the US attacks Iran in June then the reactor will be 'hot' and contain limited quantities of nasty radio-isotopes. Even the Israelis have drawn the line at attacking a 'hot' reactor, but I can see the neo-cons being that crazy. Just imagine the uproar if a country purposefully created a 'Chernobyl'. Would an al Qaida attack on a US nuclear reactor be far behind - bear in mind that bin Laden is believed to have ruled this out because it was too horrific.

      PS The quantity of nasty radio-isotopes would not be great so soon after the reactor has gone hot. I believe it takes several months for them to build up to significant levels. Any nuclear scientists out there?

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