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View Diary: Scott Ritter: Bush plans to attack Iran in June (273 comments)

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  •  Iran doesn't even need to do that. (none)
    Shit, they have almost 60% of an UNTAPPED insurgency in Iraq.  Moqtada is already on board.  SCIRI is ready.  I bet Iran rubs out Sistani and its open season in Iraq.

    No need to be directly involved.  Just send the Iraqi's some Irani soldiers and weapons to help coordinate an escalating insurgency.

    Why bother with direct confrontation?  They hide their weapons, let us move some dirt around until ground troops arrive.

    Syria is already preparing its paramilitary, irregular forces taking a page out of Saddam's notebook.

    Iran has MANY options to respond to an attack including:

    a) direct retaliation against the country that does attack them (US or Israeli)

    b) fomenting chaos and escalating the Iraqi insurgency.

    c) long range missile attacks against Tel Aviv

    d) stirring Hezbollah to keep Israel busy.

    e) supporting various opposition groups in Saudi or Jordan.  Such destabalization would have serious implications.

    Or a combination of any of the above.

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