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View Diary: For Howie Kurtz: Gays facts and fantasy pt 2 (9 comments)

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  •  Ok, I'll jump in (none)
    Good post on Saturday, another good one, is slightly more humorous. ;-)

    This is something we have to keep hammering on, the personal vs. public. Despite Habermas's many, many words on defining public vs. private, there would be no arguments from him that the internets(TM) are a public space. What one does for living is a little trickier if that profession is made evident out there in the public sphere. If JJGG was a male escort working for a discreet private service, then it would be less obvious that we were violating his privacy.

    But when you post advertisements for your profession with pictures and identifiable information out in the public square for all to see, then there's no question of violating privacy!

    Everyone likes to think their private stuff can remain private, and just about everyone feels a bit squeemish when someone's dirty laudry is waved about with glee. This is what the conservatives are banking on to kill this story. Don't let them do it.

    What Rush does in his own private time is his business, not matter how hypocritical it might be. (but wouldn't I love to have pictures come out!) But the moment Rush posts pictures of himself a la Mr. Guckert, then the story changes. (and peoples' heads begin to explode! Sort of like Monty Python's Funniest Joke in the World, even seeing one corner of one photograph would put you in the hospital for a month.)

    So, don't buy into this 'violating this poor person's private life for vicious partisan purposes' crap. That dog don't hunt.

    Plane Crazy

    "It is hard to fight anger, for a man will buy revenge with his soul." Heracleitus, 500 BCE

    by PlaneCrazy on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 06:03:53 AM PST

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