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View Diary: The next anti-woman shiny object: Allowing hospitals to deny abortion care (195 comments)

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  •  Nothing is emboldening (15+ / 0-)

    the anti-choice crowd like years of pro-choice pols being perfectly willing to help bargain away abortion rights at the negotiation table in the pursuit of other policies.

    This is what happens when the other side of an issue sees weakness and vulnerability from their opponents.

    They double down.

    Why wouldn't they overreach at rolling back access to abortion when they might look at recent history and conclude that saying one is strongly pro-choice is just a talking point to raise money on the other side?

    Women deserve better on the issue of controlling their own bodies than they have gotten.

    You show weakness, or you telegraph that won't defend what you say, and say, and say is an important issue to you, and show a willingness to bargain away what you have already achieved, and you get rewarded with bad faith, powergrabs, and overreaches by the other side because they see weakness and a lack of willingness to fight to preserve those rights.

    •  Another thing (9+ / 0-)

      the Movement Conservative Rightwing would never, not in a million years, tolerate a Republican Heath Shuler or Mike Ross. Only in the Democratic Party could a Joe Lieberman do what he did in 2008 with John McCain and be feted and rewarded for it, and only in the Democratic Party would Heath Shuler be a player.

      Heath Shuler is not a moderate. He's not. I know and have known real moderates, and it's an insult to moderates to call him that. The real moderates don't operate like Shuler and Ross do in policy fights, they moderate policy, and then they rally to the caucus when the debate is over. You can get the shiv from Shuler at any time, even before a final vote.  

      He's a useful idiot for making Movement Conservative policy bipartisan on culture war issues.

      I do not support mindlessly primarying people, but I do support the idea that there are some Democrats who are so functionally toxic to the Democratic Party that it's worth the extra effort and pain and planning to offset their losing their seat with a Republican offset in another district as a part of fighting for a functional Democratic House majority that both has a majority but also doesn't kneecap itself.

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