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View Diary: The next anti-woman shiny object: Allowing hospitals to deny abortion care (195 comments)

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    A little bit of NLP-ish gray ops here:  

    Look him in the eye, totally deadpan, and tell him this:  

    "How would you like me to cut off your penis?"

    Then pause for about one second and say:

    "I saw your reaction there.  Made you a single-issue voter yourself for a moment, didn't I?"

    The point of course isn't to actually threaten, much less do the deed, of separating a guy from the organ that does most of his thinking for him.  

    The point is to cause a moment of shock from which any person with a microgram of humanity in them will proceed to recognize the parallels and even momentarily see themselves in the other person's shoes, whether they want to or not.  

    Here's how this works:

    (BTW, "NLP" or "neuro-linguistic programming" is a set of techniques based on the psychology of language, that are typically used in brief psychotherapy to enable the client to rapidly change their conceptual and emotional frames of reference.  This instance is admittedly a "dark side" usage of some of those techniques.)

    When someone uses language that shockingly violates a cultural taboo, usually what happens is that the person listening forgets whatever came before the key phrase.  You could have said "Oranges and lemons, cut off your penis," or something equally nonsensical for the first part of the sentence, but the average male will still be instantly shocked by the second part.  

    The shock is what you're going for.  Then when you say "I saw your reaction," you are reinforcing that reaction and making it impossible for the person to deny that they were shocked by the phrase "cut off your penis."

    Lastly, when you ask the rhetorical question, "Made you a single-issue voter yourself for a moment, didn't I?", what you're doing is switching the subject/object referents and inducing an empathic realization whether the other person wants it or not, and you're tying their reaction to "cut off your penis" with your reaction to anti-abortion language.

    This also has the effect of creating a more-or-less permanent association between banning abortions and cutting off penises: something that is guaranteed to make most men uncomfortable if not downright squirmy.  

    •  I've concluded Single Issues are only bad when it (1+ / 0-)
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      is something that doesn't matter to the person condemning single issue voters.

      The last time we mixed religion and politics people got burned at the stake.

      by irishwitch on Sat Feb 05, 2011 at 08:17:41 AM PST

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