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    I didn't mean that it would actually HAPPEN.  Just that it can be done...and a large country has done it, fairly quickly.

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      with different legal and constitutional procedures.  Just because Germany can cut off aid reportedly fairly quickly, doesn't mean that the US President can.  At the moment the aid to Egypt is set to run out on March 4th.  That provides a potential.  But the congress has to approve the bill.  If the President wants to cut aid to Egypt on the basis of what is going on right now, he have to get congressional approval to do so.  Have you heard what the wingnuts are saying?  They are promoting the meme that if President Mubarak leaves, the radical terrorist fundamentalist Islamic MB will take over Egypt endangering both the US and Israel.  Do you think the Tea Party controlled House of Representatives is going to agree to cut off aid to Egypt?  

      I am not against threatening to cut off aid to Egypt to aid the pro-democracy movement there or to keep the protesters safe.  But it is both unrealistic and unfair to claim that the President is failing to "support" the pro-democracy movement because he hasn't cut off aid already.  There is a process for that, and it will take awhile.  

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