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  •  I am aware of that. And I don't believe (0+ / 0-)

    I objected to this guy or to his museum.  
    I was addressing a commenter-- not you-- about the widely-held belief that black people are avid collectors.  Got it?

    •  Such collectors do exist. (7+ / 0-)

      I don't know if they're the majority of collectors, but there are black people who collect this stuff. I saw a segment on "Antiques Roadshow" or some such show, and they profiled several blacks who collected racist memorabilia. They likened it to a way of owning their history. For what it's worth, they appeared to be young enough not to have first-hand knowledge of Jim Crow era America, so they might view this stuff in a different way than older people would.

      •  Oh I don't doubt that some black people (3+ / 0-)
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        Bill W, Bulldawg, marykk

        collect this stuff, and you're probably right that it would more likely be younger people.  Bur since I literally spend every waking moment of my life in the world of collectors, it would seem that I would have encountered some of them if this were as widespread as some people believe.

        Here's my real problem:  anytime that I have questioned a person buying this stuff about why they find it so fascinating, they invariably tell me that black people are the biggest collectors.  In other words "I'm not a racist just because I love this statue of a little black kid eating watermelon on the toilet-- black people love it too!"  Which sounds like a variation on "black people say the n-word all the time so why can't I?"  Just pisses me off, that's all.

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