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View Diary: PLS UNREC Middle East Protests Mothership #14 (20 comments)

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  •  When I posted the Gulf Watchers motherships (0+ / 0-)

    I used the sock's tip jar rather than my own. I'm pretty sure that tips for the sock factor into Jotter's statistics. That is helpful in judging community interest since no one recs the child diaries. You might want to prepost a tip jar for the sock and then prepost your own below asking people to rec the sock to keep jotter's stats straight.

    Also, asking people to unrec the previous mothership causes the same problem for jotter's stats.  I found that posting the tipjar at 6:00 am Eastern time kept the mothership on the rec list with the least amount of pimpage required and when the old mothership expired it fell of the rec list quite quickly without having to ask for unrecs.

    We would coordinate a rec effort late in the evening to keep mom afloat on the rec list overnight. The 6:00 am Eastern time is too early for most people to want to post a mothership but when DK4 goes live it will be possible to queue diaries to publish at a specific time automagically. Motherships may be less important in DK4 as people learn how to follow tags and streams.

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