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  •  BBC examines Military loyalties-could be split... (13+ / 0-)

    ...and examines the complexities: Egypt Protests: Military at Heart of Egyptian State

    ...Like many post-colonial armies in weak states, it immediately began to spin a narrative of modernity and heroism that, to a large degree, endures today...

    Throughout, the army has succeeded in preserving its reputation by cannily shifting the burden of repression onto the despised interior ministry and brutal secret police, or Mukhabarat. It is therefore in the regime, but not of it...

    Given this huge US contribution to the Egyptian military, many had assumed that US pressure should be enough to encourage the generals to peel themselves away from Hosni Mubarak and lever him but of the presidential palace.

    But this is premature. Knowing that the regime could endure for nine months, with or without Mr Mubarak himself, the military may be loath to abandon those who might yet wield the power to dismantle some of their privileges.

    Moreover, the highest levels of military leadership have been tightly woven into the regime, as with the appointment of Omar Suleiman and Ahmed Shafiq, both intimately connected to the top generals.

    But with so many of their resources flowing from Washington, loyalties may be split...

    The article goes on to point out that while some of the top officers (the ones who would be giving the orders, BTW) might have personal loyalties to some in the regime, many of the junior officers are less tied to the regime--but are also "less susceptible to American influence making their behavior highly unpredictable."

    It's all very complicated and the military is probably the key determiner of how events will finally resolve, at least in the short term.  Hopefully, they will come to the conclusion that without the people's support, they can't continue with the status quo in the long term.

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