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  •  C&J Presidential Monday (4.00)
    Cheers to my husband for walking in the rain with me on Saturday morning for the American Heart Association.  He didn't complain once and we had a LOT of fun.

    Jeers to my new department for not letting me save my vacation day today.  Yes I REALLY wanted to work today.  No one would be there and I could cruise Dailykos all day and get a little bit of work done.  And I could use the vacation day later when everyone else was slaving away.  But nooooo.  His reply to my request was "Its a holiday."  So? why can't I celebrate it by working?  I'm sure Washington and Lincoln would have approved! especially of all the time spent C'ing and J'ing.  

    Jeers to my husband who is working today and took our only mode of transportation with him.  I live in Arizona, in a suburb, where there's nowhere interesting to go within walking distance.

    Cheers to all you city-dwellers with great public transportation and interesting places to go.  I'm jealous today.

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