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  •  Long time reader, first time C&J'er (4.00)
    Jeers to the absence left by the death of HST.  In a tradition where the route to objectivity is paved with the removal of the author, a man who wrote with power in the first-person will be as sorely missed as he was original.

    Cheers to the absence left by the death of HST.  Think about it: he started kicking ass during the Nixon administration.  We have yet another abyssmal administration now.  The time is right for a brand new iconoclastic leader in literature!

    Jeers to the hubris that drips off of the "fence-mending" trip to Europe.  I am all for strong alliances, but the self-satisfied and egotistical nature of Bush's trip makes me wish that the Europeans reject him completely.

    Cheers to two weeks smoke-free.  (And, by extension, Commit lozenges.)  I struggle, but hopefully I contribute to bigger struggles for Big Tobacco and all the other terrible causes that I was funding two weeks ago.

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