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  •  You had some excellent choices. (4.00)
    I wish you had put GW there just so he would not get any votes here. That was such a stupid poll last year with Kerry pitted against GW and the media continually pointing out GW would be more fun. Yeah, well, I want my President to be intelligent. I already have fun friends to have a beer with and I would not want any them to be the leader of the free world.

    But after Clinton, I think that Adams and Washington and Jefferson would be really great. And I would invite the first radicals Sam Adams and John Handcock along for a few brews also. And my other heros such as Madison and Hamilton. Clinton has to be there with the wenches serving the beer to loosen the guys up and I get to ask a ton of questions. Like as you mentioned, the separation of church and state, the 3 branches of check and balance that are overlapping right now,  and what gave you guys the courage and foresight to stand up and be leaders. And a compliment also.

    "You guys were goooooooooood!"  

    Fix the Problems, Don't create new ones

    by BarnBabe on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 09:23:20 AM PST

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