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  •  I waited till traffic died down here (4.00)
    to respond on a serious note...

    For a long time, I called suicide a "selfish act" -- mostly because my mother did. And technically, I still believe it's "selfish."

    But I no longer place a moral value judgment on that selfishness.  I believe it is a selfishness born of insanity.

    The act of exterminating oneself is insane. One of a living creatures prime directives is to STAY ALIVE. To deliberately contravert that directive by becoming the author of one's own extinction is insane.

    I do not hold insane people accountable for their actions in the same way I do the sane ones. If a person has reached such a point of utter despair that he sees no other relief from the pain but to end his own life, I believe he can no longer be judged by the usual definition of "selfishness."

    To be sure, he is "selfish," in that his decision and his act are not influenced (at least, not influenced ENOUGH) by his consideration of how anyone ELSE may feel about the act.

    And there are instances where what WE perceive to be an act of selfishness is actually perceived by the suicidal person as being an act of selfLESSness. The reality has nothing to do with it; do we judge a man by his actions in this final stage, or by his intentions? If he is insane, as I claim he is, then we must judge him on a broader scale than we judge the sane.

    At one of my lowest depths of depression, almost 3 years ago, I came within an inch -- literally -- of killing myself. I had 2 year old son and a husband whose lives I was ruining, or so I truly believed. I TRULY BELIEVED they would be BETTER OFF without me there to continue ruining their lives.

    I hope that the people I love would have been more generous with me in their thoughts and judgments, had I fallen into the abyss and been unable to return alive.

    Just something to think about when considering a suicide.

    Rage, rage, against the lying of the Right.

    by Maryscott OConnor on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 05:48:05 PM PST

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