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    This Administration, which is so hell-bent on fighting "terrorism" (a NOUN remember) and protecting national security, has to base it argument as to why it can't disclose its argument on....well....these arguments.

    So, what could it be?

    1.  We employed this fellow in some capacity that is probably against the law, but these contract with spies aren't enforceable anyway, so disclosing what we did would jeopardize national security, because we want to do it again.

    2.  The executive decision to render him to Saudi Arabia was based on national security, but even disclosing that national security is involved would jeopardize our national security.

    3.  He is actually a spy who is investigating Saudi Arabia's links to the 9/11 terrorists, but we can't let on or Saudi Arabia will find out and stop torturing him.


    Fuzzy only works for pets.

    by NotFuzzy on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 02:10:15 PM PST

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