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  •  Lest we forget just what a pack (16+ / 0-)

    of DLC zombies the Third Way is....Kos's diary on the topic should be a wake up for everyone:

    Their agenda can be summarized as follows:

    (1.) Foreclose on Democratic voters, by opposing principle paydown or a foreclosure moritorium.

    (2.) Fire Democratic voters, by slashing public sector jobs

    (3.) Make the Democratic voters who still have jobs take a pay cut

    (4.) Liquidate the pensions of remaining Democratic voters.

    You know, the kind of things that get Wall Street all excited.

    So I look forward to them coming out of the shadows, where we can more directly engage. If there's going to be a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party, let's have it out in the open. Where people can see that the people trying to buy our democracy post-Citizens United, are also trying to buy our Democratic Party.

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