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    This is from a list that I made in an email trying to explain why I wasn't wild about No Labels.  I kept it simple for my new-to-politics pal  (Sorry it's a mess. Doesn't format well):

    Nancy Jacobsen: Also see http://greenmountainpolitics1.blogsp... Married to Mark Penn

    Mark Penn (because spouses matter).

    Bill Galston. Worked for Clinton campaign, Gore campaign and I think goes back as far as Mondale. No real wiki on him, but I know he founded The Brookings Institution.

    John Avlon Dem/Centrist talking head. Has written a book called Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America. Perhaps he has left his crappy name calling behind for the sake of No Labels.

    Jon Cowan: Former Clinton darling. Founded Third Way

    Lisa Borders: ?? Former Dem mayor of Atlanta. Don’t know much about her.

    Mark McKinnon: I knew he was a prominent Republican mover and shaker, but little else. His wiki is here.

    Although Smerconish is pretty interesting and I don’t mind Gergen, they along with Scarborough, Brzezinski, Brooks and Ratigan all get paid to provide opinions. Who cares what they think? And, really, for David Brooks to now be pleading for everyone to get along seems ludicrous. Unless, of course, there was a nice amount of money involved. Which, I’m sure there was.

    David Walker: Walker has been howling about the financial crisis since the mid-oughts. If the Bush admin has listened, we’d be in much better shape fiscally. He was the main reason that I began to think that Bush, et all, didn’t WANT the crisis averted.

    So – think what you will of all of this, but my opinion after dealing with the DLC crowd is: watch your step and keep an eye on them.

    The other thing that will come into play soon is that the growing independent movement is made up largely of two groups: those who are leaving the Republicans for being too conservative and those who are leaving the Democrats for being too conservative. You see? You’ve got a group made up of those who are embracing the center and those who are disvowing the center. Many new Independants will not embrace the No Labels agenda, and I think it a mistake both to assume that No Labels can use the current number of Independants to bolster their cause and to conflate "independent" and "moderate," or "centrist." "Independent" is an even bigger tent than the Dems, and we all know how well the whole "plurality" works for the left.

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