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View Diary: This Is The Kind Of Discrimination I've Faced (258 comments)

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    Kitsap River, abrauer

    You may have a point, but I just did a little experiment in my head.

    "Employers don't seem to realize that quite often people over 50 can be more loyal and harder working than younger employees."

    Note that neither version of the above sentence says they ARE more loyal and harder working.  They say they CAN BE.

    I'm wondering if you find the above sentence objectionable the way you found the diarist's version objectionable.  

    I've found it (my version) to be true more often than not, at least in my own experience.  And in both cases we're talking about a class of people who are discriminated against more often than not.

    Just curious as to your take on it.  I'm not convinced that it's an inappropriate thing to say.

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